Teamspeak Query Plugin Framework

TSQPF 2.1.0 First Alpha Launched

Interested in what’s new in TSQPF 2.1.0? Its first preview version is here, and you can now try out and test all new features. If you want to run the alpha, head over to its download page over at GitHub.

With this update, we’ve set out to further improve the quality of life and useability of the framework.

Therefore, we reworked the old help system, which now gives the user a well-structured output, including all arguments a command can accept.

New help system output example

Another change came to the config system, which has been reworked to now use a new backend, which allows the framework to check for any misconfiguration during boot.

Following these changes, configs now regenerate any missing keys and inform the user that a config needs to be reviewed.

Lastly, a new config key is introduced: floodRate. With this key, users are now able to set the flood rate to unlimited, allowing for faster response times of the framework.

Please note that all changes mentioned in this post are subject to change as this is an alpha release.

We’re very excited to hear your feedback!