Teamspeak Query Plugin Framework

TSQPF 2.1 Released

It’s done! We’ve finished the development of the TSQPF version 2.1.0. If you want to have a read what all changes do, please refer to our preview post about the 2.1.0-alpha.1 preview. In this post, however, we’re just gonna publish the full changelog.

As always, you can download the latest release of the framework over at our GitHub page.

[2.1.0] – 2020-03-26


  • Added JavaDoc to classes that did not have any before
  • Added config key regeneration for framework configs
  • Added config check system, which informs the user about incorrect config setup
  • Added floodRate config key, which, if set to unlimited, allows for improved performance


  • Improved help user feedback which now is more organized and gives more information