Teamspeak Dynamic Channel Beta & April 11th Changelog

Hey guys,

TAXSET here to give you a quick overview of all the changes we deployed to our Teamspeak server over the night of April 11/12, 2020.

Dynamic Channel

Internally, we’ve been discussing the switch to a dynamic channel system for about three months now, and today’s the day we finally made our firsts steps in that direction.

How to create a dynamic channel

But what are Dynamic Channels?

During the beta, every user is entitled to create their own channel by joining the “create channel”- channel. Our Teamspeak Query Plugin Framework instance is then going to create a new channel with your name and move you there. Additionally, you’ll gain access to the “Channel Owner” channel group, but only in your own channel.

Can I change any of my channels’ settings?

For now, you’ll only be able to change your channels’ password. We’re still testing other possibilities like allowing users to change the Codec Quality or Slot Count, but we can’t confirm these options will actually be shipped in a future update.

Does my channel exist forever?

No. For now, your channel will be removed automatically if left empty for longer than two minutes. We might increase this threshold on release, but it depends on your feedback.

Permission Overhaul

As some exploits have surfaced in the past few days (for example allowing users to move other users), we’ve completely overhauled the server groups and permissions.

Unverified (default)

All users in the unverified group no longer have access to media upload/share. Additionally, we’ve removed the possibility to view server group permissions, server group list, request talk power, and other permissions.


As of now, this group can not be obtained yet. We’ll give more information about it with the next update.

Junior Moderator

Junior Moderators can ban clients for up to only an hour from now on.

Senior Moderator

The maximum ban time of Senior Moderators has been increased to 24 hours.